Can we just take a moment to talk about how Acacia actually isn’t famous at all and her kitties need to stop putting her on a pedestal like she wasn’t even nominated for a Teen Choice Award, she isn’t in any of those categories while Bethany Mota, Zoella, Andrea Russet, O2L as a whole, jennxpenn,…

'#askacacia': the dark side of fandoms on twitter.


So, the date is 29/07/2014, and while I type this up #askacacia is sitting at number 2 of the world wide trends list. Before I get started I want to say I am not a fan of Acacia Brinley, who as far as I am aware makes youtube videos, sings and has quite a large online following.

I was watching a news program which puts up a few trending hashtags during the ad breaks, and I noticed #AskAcacia was up there. The only way I am familiar with who Acacia is, is because of the hate she receives online predominately from fans of 5 Seconds of Summer (the ‘5sosfam’) , but also largely One Direction fans (‘Directioners’) and a few other fandoms. Many months ago I was curious to see where the hate had sparked from, so I did a little reading on Twitter- where you can find out a surprisingly great deal about a person. From what I read, Acacia had been linked with Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer, and from that point it was pretty obvious why attention would be on her. But does her maybe-but-maybe-not hooking up with Luke warrant a top WWT and pages of hate? I don’t think so. Aside from her 5sos connection, I managed to find out quite personal things that others had managed to find out about her through an old Tumblr website. Rumours of nude photos, self-harm and depression… fairly deep and sad stuff. So the hate has always had me a little confused. People have claimed she’s got an ‘annoying’ personality, I don’t know about that, and that she ‘brags’ I’m not entirely sure what she is accused of bragging about, but unless its killing puppies, the trend is unnecessary.   

So, clicking onto the #askacacia hashtag with this background knowledge, I feared the worst, but I was met with far more than I anticipated. Hundreds and hundreds of comments of pure hate towards this young girl, which seemed to come out of no where. Many of the tweets with hundreds of retweets and favourites in support. I was shocked. This was, is, mass bullying on the biggest scale I’ve ever really seen. You often see celebrities getting hate online, but rarely to the scale of this kind, and Acacia is not a celebrity. She’s a young teenage girl. Here’s some of the comments I collected, because I knew I didn’t just want to sit here and read these without at least saying something.




937people retweeted that. 

some image tweets:


As you can see, they range from 6 hours ago to right now, there are absolutely pages and pages of malicious tweets. A lot them are copies of each other with the central focus on Acacia’s: eyebrows, singing ability, and alleged leaked nude photographs from years ago. NONE of which should warrant any hate whatsoever, but yet that’s what the tweets are focussing on. Apart from that, mostly there are people calling her trash, making fun of those defending her and commenting on the relationship between the 5sosfam and directioners, how they have apparently joyously come together to attack this one girl. Cool.

What’s so upsetting about this is that from what I’ve briefly read, Acacia is a young girl who has commented online in the past about her own issues with self-harm. This did not seem to stop anyone however, some people even using that to make fun of her. What if she did seriously hurt herself because of these comments? What if she killed herself? I was trying to put myself in her position and I know I would be extremely upset with comments like that about me.

Another thing I noticed were people saying ‘imagine the boys sitting here reading these comments, I bet they would be laughing’, which was dumbfounding to me. I don’t know if they were referring to One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer, but the idea that either of them would condone or enjoy the bullying to this scale done by their own fans is ridiculous.

It has been said before that fandoms can have a ‘mob’ mentality about them, and this hashtag is evidence of that idea. Many people I saw didn’t actually know why they were writing hateful comments about this girl, but were joining in because eveyone else was. Fandoms like 5 Seconds of Summer’s and One Direction’s have a massive twitter presence, and that can have some power in itself. Too often is this power used for evil (woah, cliche). I am honestly disgusted by what I’ve witnessed on Twitter tonight. Mass, unwarranted online hate to one girl who is in the same age group as the ones bullying her. 

Mostly, it is young girls that are doing the bullying in the situation, taking advantage of the anonymity of the internet. This upsets me further because as young girls we are all exposed to our own insecurities, and I know I would be mortified and extremely upset if thousands of people were commenting on my body in such a negative way that it trended globally.

I don’t know, I’m just so angry about this and I couldn’t sit and watch this going on.

Please, if you’re one of the people participating in this massive cyber-bullying spree, stop now, and just reflect on what you’re actually doing to this girl who isn’t all that different from you. If you don’t like her singing, her clothes, the photos she takes, don’t follow her. Don’t talk about her. Move on with your life. What you’re saying right now could have a massive impact on her that can’t be undone.

P.S: sorry I haven’t really edited this and haven’t really articulated everything I wanted to, but I wanted to get something up fairly quickly just to say that this wasn’t okay. Thanks for reading. x


So here is Kenzie’s twitter while Acacia deleted everything and Acacia no longer follows her aaaaand idk
I’m dying at Peyton though he’s funny