I'm confused???? Why did acacia tweet about girls wearing bindis to look cute is disrespectful but she took a picture with her henna on her hand and called it 'cute' am i uh.. missing something, just asking though — Anonymous


You’re not missing anything. I think henna is more of a culture shared with everybody even though it started in one Arabic culture. Henna was really started and used for cosmetic purposes, while bindis have religious significance. Also, bindis aren’t as common as henna, so I don’t think it’s really disrespectful to get a henna tattoo for fashion as it is to wear a bindi for fashion.

Requested: pictures of Acacia when she had braces, liked cody simpson and was friend with casandra

I had surgery a couple of years ago and I stopped breathing during surgery so I almost died and they had to revive me and jam a tube down my throat to help me breathe (which caused me to not be able to talk for a week) but the scary part is, I didn't know I was dying. It was just pitch black. There wasn't a light or a loved one waiting for me or even a feeling of conciousness. And now I'm so scared that when I die there won't be anything. — Anonymous

when i had the alcoholic poisoning there was this moment where i could feel i was there sitting in the bench, and i felt one of the girls that were helping me holding my hand, and i listened their voices far, far away, i couldnt move, i couldnt talk, i couldnt open my eyes, only thing i saw was a bright, warm light and the voices were further every second it was scary af and i thought i had to do something to catch their attention so i tried to press that girl’s hand, and i kinda did and she noticed, then after that everything was black and when i woke up from the comma i fell in i was super scared and didnt know where i was nor my name for a few second. But I believe there is something that we cant see and i believe we are going to a place when we die, i believe theres something

make gifs of her on the "f$@k you" video, when she said "i'm just like you" please? — Anonymous

i’ll do them later hun c:

What happened with acacia and her fake thigh cuts???? I didn't see any pics I just heard she deactivated — Anonymous

i think i saw pics on here like there are a lot of pictures of her cuts, but idk i dont think she cuts with a razor or stuff, i think she scratchs to the point it bleeds a bit

Can you post the pictures you have of acacia when she was blonde and had braces but not the tumblr phase,like when she liked cody simpson and was friends with casandra — Anonymous

i have old pictures of acacia like when she was blonde but i dont know if they’re exactly from when she liked cody and friends with cassandra, but i’ll post them c: